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IACA Coin Awards 2022

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Freiberger EuroMetall GmbH follows a 800 years long history of coin production in the Freiberg area. We combine tradition and innovation with our aim to provide highest standards of quality and fullest reliability. The production of coin blanks is our speciality and our mission. Your satisfaction is our highest duty.

Founded in the year 2013, Freiberger EuroMetall GmbH belongs completely to private owners and therefore is completely independent from any other player in the market of coins and coin blanks. We provide to our customers coin blanks of any type of material for circulation coinage purpose.

Our management and many of our employees do have long lasting experience in the market and production technologies for circulation coin blanks worldwide.

With our most modern production lines which do reflect and include the latest developments in relevant machinery we produce at the highest standards of efficiency and environmental responsibility. Our goal is to be leader in production technology in our industry worldwide.