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Introduction of the Schuler Coining Centre M2R with inline inspection including customer’s perspectives regarding Tri Material Coin
Schuler’s latest coining centre M2R combined with integrated inspection systems, including the advantages which Industry 4.0 offers, ensures the supply of coins with proven quality, just in time and at the highest possible efficiency.
The combination of production processes goes far beyond the simple coining process. The State Mints of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the Bavarian State Mint have gained experience with the delivered coining centres and are happy to share their experience and provide feedback on the production of 2 Euro coins, as well as of 5 and 10 Euro, the so-called “Tri Material Coins”.
Both Government Mints were highly involved in the development of these innovative Tri Material Coins (TMC), which have the special feature that the ring and core are separated by a high-quality translucent polymer ring. The unique polymer technology is a global pioneer for the coin industry. The development groups dedicated many years of research to producing a polymer ring which is implemented into the coin during the striking process. The translucent polymer is not only impressive due to its distinctive appearance, but it offers hitherto unrivalled security to protect the coin from forgery. Since the feature is virtually impossible to imitate by today’s counterfeiters it closes the security feature gap between coins and banknotes.