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In 2017 the Royal Dutch Mint started an active pursuit of its ecological footprint. RDM became ISO 14001 compliant in 2017 and integrated ecological targets in its strategy and procedures. In 2020, RDM became the first energy neutral mint, after relocating to state-of-the-art facilities equipped with 1,700 solar panels on its roof. Also in terms of waste flows, emissions and energy consumption, RDM made important efforts to reduce its environmental impact. RDM can still gain in multiple fields, but for the most important gains RDM now looks at the broader supply chain.
The Royal Dutch Mint believes that also raw material suppliers and central banks have an important role to play in the coin ecosystem. This presentation will explain the efforts that the Royal Dutch Mint has made as manufacturer and developments in the broader supply chain. Furthermore, this presentation will also discuss the role of central banks in the coin ecosystem and how their decisions impact their ecological footprint.