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Problem Statement: Well before sustainability became a focus for many organizations, the United States Mint provided the U.S. mutilated coin program that allowed these coins to be recycled into metals often used in the production of new coins. Unfortunately, bad actors have disrupted the U.S. Mint mutilated coin program as well as mutilated programs in place in other countries by submitting mutilated counterfeits as genuine coins seeking the face value of the metals rather than the scrap or recycled metal value.

Presentation Purpose: This presentation will review the definition for mutilated coins and the history of the U.S. program. In addition, the presentation will look at the challenges that influence mutilated coin programs such as bad actors, face value compared with scrap/recycle value, other regulations that affect the handling of mutilated coins.

Conclusion: The presentation will offer opportunities for the future of the U.S. mutilated coin program through potential policies that allow the U.S. Mint to resume the program and meeting its early adoption of sustainability of U.S. coins.