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IACA Coin Awards 2022

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Cash has endured for centuries, but is there a place for the promissory note in a digital environment? Having faced competition over the years (and centuries) from alternative payment systems such as cheques and credit cards, cash now faces possibly its biggest challenger – the agile, ever expanding technological payment landscape that enables quick, contactless payments via the internet and through mobile devices, and alternative digital currencies such as crypto, and Central Bank Digital Currencies.

As more payments than ever are made on mobile devices, tech companies are focusing on the next stage of technological evolution – the Metaverse.

What is the Metaverse? How can it support currency production? Is there even a place for hard currency in a digital world?

In this session, Komori, along with leading edge metaverse developers Infinity Metaverse, will engage in a discussion, seeking answers from the voice of the Metaverse itself.