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The MoU signed between EC and Republic of Croatia for introduction of euro currency was only an official start of the Euro project that in the Croatian Mint started one year earlier to prepare the Mint to produce euro coins for the changeover in time. This important project had many interdependent activities which all were quite strictly constrained by several external deadlines like tender for the new national face designs, signing of the MoU on the national level and in the same time supply chains were severely affected by the global COVID pandemic causing delays in deliveries.
The topic of this presentation addresses common activities that euro introducing mint faces during the preparation phase for the euro production, touches on some aspects of performing under pandemic conditions uncertainty, and finally gives a bit more insight in decisions that involved environmental aspects of this project. Although environment was not a primary goal it was an integral part of it, nevertheless. This presentation will argue that to maintain sustained development, a mint like any other production facility needs to accept the change in common practices that is encouraged by the environmental requirements, but equally important to respect the same requirements when designing new processes and choosing machinery and equipment.