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Monday 17 October

Workshop 1

Workshop 2

09:00 – 12:00

Coins for Cash: What the Public Wants

This workshop is part of a series organised by the MDC’s Customer Task Force to gain a clearer understanding of the key issues affecting the different stakeholders for coins, namely national authorities (central banks), retailers/dealers and end-users (the public). The workshop – organised by Dieter Merkle of Schuler Group and also convenor of the MDC Taskforce – will bring together national authorities with others involved in the coin cycle to discuss the key issues and latest priorities for circulating coins, including their role in the cash cycle in times of crisis and the needs of the public.

The workshop, which is free of charge, is open to central banks and active Customer Task Force members only.

13:30 – 17:00

Coins and the Environment

Coins have a unique place in the payment industry. Unlike banknotes, or even plastic cards, their long life means the resources used in their manufacture can be spread over decades. The denominational structure and the choice of materials has an important effect on their environmental impact, but also the optimum performance occurs when coins are recirculated close to their point of use. This seminar will focus on all of these decisions, as well as the actions of producers to reduce their own environmental impact. It will also put coins in context of the wider cash cycle including end of life.

Tuesday 18 October

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Session 1: Setting The Scene


An Overview and Update of the Circulating Coin Landscape

Astrid Mitchell

Currency News (UK)


A sustainable future for the Coin Industry

Vincent van Hecke

Royal Dutch Mint (Netherlands)


The International Mint Directors Association – a New Force for the Industry, and for Sustainability in Coins

Honey Mamabolo

South African Mint

Michael Groves

Royal Canadian Mint (Canada)


Disruption in Coin Circulation and Steps to Improve Resilience

Brian Weaver

Federal Reserve Financial Services (FedCash) (USA)

Kristie McNally

US Mint (USA)

Session 2: Demand and Circulation


Cash and Coin Usage Before, During and After the Pandemic

Franz Seitz

Weiden Technical University of Applied Sciences (Germany)


Demand Issues for the Mexican $20 Peso Coin

Alejandro Alegre

Banco de México (Mexico)


Behaviour and Evolution of the Cash Payment Trends in France 2021 and 2022.

Marc Schwartz

Monnaie de Paris (France)


DNB’s Role in Coins in the Netherlands

Igo Boerrigter

Dutch National Bank (Netherlands)


New Initiative for the Mint Industry

Martina Horakova

International Mint Industry Association

Session 3: Forecasting and Optimisation


New Initiatives for an Efficient Coin Cycle in Spain

Beatriz Guia

Banco de Espana (Spain)


An innovative Solution to Coin Circulation in Poland

Krzysztof Kowalczyk

Narodowy Bank Polski (Poland)


Circulating Coins in the Philippines – New Measures to Improve Coin Circulation

Mary Anne Lim

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Philippines)


Travellers Tales – Repatriating Coins from Around the World

Scott Hutchings

Global Coin Solutions (Canada)

Session 4: Denominational Structures


Progress on converting banknotes to coins and a live example from Ghana

Simon Lake

The Royal Mint (UK)

Dominic Owuso

Bank of Ghana


Removing Low Denomination Coins

Ricardo Mendez Barrera

Casa de Moneda de Chile (Chile)


Cooperation to Mitigate Excess Coin Stocks

Ana Olivia Pinto Pereira

Bank of Portugal (Portugal)


Revitalizing Circulation Coins – The Case for Currency Redesign

Jeff Hanke

Royal Canadian Mint (Canada)


Evolution of the Coin Series in Tunisia

Mehdi El Ouardighi

Monnaie de Paris (France)

Jihene Maatar

The Central Bank of Tunisia (Tunisia)

Wednesday 19 October

Session 5: Around The World in 80 Minutes


Innovations in Coin Security

Paola Martinez



Coins for Cash – Introduction of the Schuler Coining Center M2R with inline inspection

Dieter Merkle

Schuler (Germany)

Guenther Waadt

Bavarian Mint (Germany)


Environmentally and Health Friendly Solutions to Coin Die Production

Niklas Harzer

Platit (Switzerland)


The Fascinating Features of 3-D Optical Inspection

Ingo Loeken

Spaleck (Germany)

Session 6: Recycling and Sustainability


US Mutilated Coin Program – Challenges and Opportunities

Jon Cameron

Cameron Associates (USA)


XCarb®: Towards carbon neutral steel

Hugo Campos

Arcelor Mittal (Luxembourg)


M1 Coin Recycling – More than Just Equipment

Davorin Dragas

M.One AG (Switzerland)

Session 7: Technology


The Environmental Impact of Cash versus Digital payments

Pascal Rencker

MDWG (Europe)


Sustainable Wastewater Treatment in the Coin Industry

Marius Straub

H20 (Germany)


Safe and Secure Coin Destruction as Part of Environmentally Friendly Recycling

Susan Lenssen

Kusters Engineering (Netherlands)


Preparing for the Euro Changeover

Goran Paladin

Croatian Mint (Croatia)

Session 8: Digitisation


The Money Museum Mobile Application – MNB’s new Blockchain Technology- Based Platform.

Anikó Bódi-Schubert

The Central Bank of Hungary (Hungary)


Cash and the Metaverse.

Phil Holland

Komori Corporation (Japan)


Launch of Herman Brood Medal – Augmented Reality

Bert van Ravenswaaij

Royal Dutch Mint (Netherlands)


Using Apps and Social Media for Next Generation Coin Collectors

Mikko Sievänen

Mint of Finland (Finland)